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Beijing International Students’ Night 2015 conducted with great zeal


Beijing International Students’ Night 2015 was held on the 5th of December 2015 at the Qiujiduan Gymnasium in Beijing Normal University (BNU) as a symbol of social and academic excellence. The annual program, which is simply called as Beijing Night, is organized by the International Students Office with the coopeation of different faculties, students’ associations and other members of the university. Interested students from different faculties and countries practiced for about a month and went two different auditions before selection for the event. The auditions were meant to ensure perfection and diversity of participants to make the mega event more interesting and remarkable.

On the evening of December 5, BNU community especially students suspended their work for the night and gathered at the university’s gymnasium to enjoy different activities ranging from dances, singing, martial arts, and other cultural performances. After the arrival of the audiences and hounarable guests, the program started at 6:00PM and beautiful colours of costumes began to fly all over the stage, as the flare of rainbow and expectant audience. Soon after, heads went on thumping and hands kept on applauding due to uproarious and hilarious performances from various student groups. Loud voices of laughter and joy filled the gymnasium.

The program was partitioned into three sections, and the first part showcased talents from various faculties of the university. It was a part that presented students’ talents in a more creative and enjoyable way. The second part exhibited international and continental cultural practices; students from Malaysia, Africa, Pakistan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Thailand and others performed different traditional and modern dances and music. Those activities were not only entertaining, but also educational as they exposed the audience to many different cultures while enjoying the show. The third session of the event was filled with extraordinary choreographies and songs. The different performances signaled the intense traning and preparation that went for the program.

Different academic and non-academic awards were also given to excellent students and associations during the show. This year, different awards such as the Excellent Students Awards, the Excellent Group Awards, and the Excellent Students Counsellors Awards were rewarded. The award winners were either academically outstanding students, or these who made great contribution to the life of students including in making the Beijing Night a reality.

After 20 different performances, the event was finally crowned by the wonderful song “we are the world” after which all performers went together on stage to take pictures with BNU senior officials, friends, and other invited guests.

The program ended when it was still hot. About 2000 audiences were present in the event. The event was honoured by reputable offficial guests from Ministry of Education, Chinese Scholarship Council and representatives from other univiversities.The attractiveness of the activity also received attention from students of other universities who were invited by their colleagues studying at BNU. Beijing International Students’ night 2015 will be remebered as a magnificent night of cultural interaction and academic excellence. In conclusion, as one student briefly explained it, “it was a star-studded event.”